Forestry Winches

Twose's essential forestry equipment now offers a choice of 4.00 and 6.00 tonne winches, helping forestry teams make light work of tree removal.

Easy to mount with three-point linkage, both models feature a mesh-safety guard for extra protection, a heavy duty dozer blade, and a 50m winch (10mm thickness).

Key features

  • Choice of 4.00 and 6.50 tonne models
  • Three-point linkage
  • Mesh safety guard
  • Heavy-duty dozer blade
  • Cable drum
  • Locking latch
  • Top pulley
  • 50mm x 10mm winch cable with hooks
  • Three chocker sliders with three 2.00m choker chains
Model TW4050 TW6550
Winch 4.0 tonne
6.5 tonne
Winch cable 50mm x 10mm 50mm x 10mm
Linkage mounting 3-pt linkage 3-pt linkage
Choker chains 3 x 2.0m 3 x 2.0m