Premium Rotary Toppers

An advanced alternative to the RT range, the RT Premium series comes in 2.13m and 2.73m working widths and features a robust design with a heavy-duty steel deck.

With two hardened overlapping steel blades, the twin rotor machines deliver an exceptional cut, while PTO shear-bolt protection stops the machines from over-revving and enhances their lifespan.

Full length skids ensure the machines glides over the ground for a fast effective performance.

Key features

  • 2.13m (7’ 0”), and 2.73m (9’ 0”) cutting widths
  • Three-point linkage
  • Heavy duty gearbox and powerful rotors
  • Two large cutting blades per rotor
  • Overlapping blades for a quality cut
  • Full length skids help the machine glide over surfaces
  • Cutting height range from 24 to 114mm
  • Belt drive
  • Quick and easy to transport
  • Easy to adjust
  • Low tractor horsepower requirement
  • 540 PTO overrun protection
  • Robust build quality
  • Free-swinging blades reduce shock loads on gearbox


  • Farmers
  • Small-scale contractors

Tractor requirements

  • From 50hp (RT-215 Premium)
Machine Type RT-180 RT-275
Cutting Width 2.13 / 7’ 0”
2.73 / 9’ 0”
Tractor hp 50hp
Weight (kg) 540kg
Cutting Height 25 - 114mm
25 - 114mm
Overall Width (m)
PTO Running Speed (rpm) 540 540
PTO Protection Slip Clutch
Slip Clutch
Number of Rotors 2
Blade Tip Speed  5160 (m/min)
5160 (m/min)